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2 Years of Común Tierra! Posted on August, 11 2012

What’s up Común Tierra family? We write from Tumbaco, Ecuador, happy to share with you the celebration of 2 years of our project! It’s amazing how time passes and grows into ...

A workshop on Intuitive Permaculture The Ilalo Peace Village Posted on August, 09 2012

Prayers over sacred fire and palo santo, workshops on clowning, permaculture and the Andean cosmovision, Afro-Ecuadorian food, and countless smiles and hugs.

Welcome to the Ilalo Peace Village, ...

After Rio+20, Indigenous Leaders Look for Answers Outside of Conference Posted on July, 14 2012

by Ryan Luckey -

(Photo: Ryan Luckey)

As the dust from the Rio+20 conference settles, there is a ...

Building our CASA! Creating a new sustainability network! Posted on July, 04 2012

What's up family?

As we wrote in the last post, we were very involved at the People's Summit with the organization ...

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