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Comun Tierra in the News!

Posted on August, 03 2011

What's up friends?

We are well... we write from "El Palmarcito", a small beach on the coast of El Salvador, where we are parked in a small hotel, hosted by a Ivan, an instant friend who gives us fresh coconuts in the morning.

We arrived in El Salvador just a few days ago, and are adapting to a new reality, something constant in the travelers' life. El Salvador is a small country (the smallest of  Central America) and also the most densely populated, with a tropical climate. We are here in the rainy season, which means the environment here is green and abundant, contrasting with the grittiness of San Salvador, the capital. We'll write more about this in coming posts.

Today we write to share a little of our presence in the Brazilian media during the end of July. During our visit we gave interviews for television, radio stations and newspapers reporting and sharing news of Común Tierra and projects in Latin America.

We participated in several sustainability programs on the radio: Bandeirantes AM, Guaíba FM and UFRGS. You can listen to the interview that Letícia gave for the program Sintonía de la Tierra (UFRGS) here:



Check out this story in Porto Alegre's "Jornal do Comercio" :


We were also on State Television and TV Bandeirantes. You can watch our part in the program "Boa Tarde" on TV Bandeirantes here:



We thank the media for the reception and dissemination of the project. We hope that these and all sustainable ideas continue to get attention in the mainstream world. Unfortunately we don't have time to translate these, but other opportunities will come!

We will keep moving through El Salvador in the next week, exploring the country and discovering the sustainability movement here ... More coming soon!

Have a great week!
Leticia and Ryan


  • Ernie Solorzano, dia Posted on August, 30 2011

    Have a safe trip you two good souls... it was blessing having you here with us for this time, yall left print in me, in my father and in El Palmarcitos sand. Keep on roaming!!!

  • comuntierra, dia Posted on August, 17 2011

    Gracias amigos! Estamos felizes de partilhar novidades com voces. Amor no caminho de todos! Leti e Ryan

  • Ernie Solorzano, dia Posted on August, 16 2011

    Hola amigos... muchisimas gracias por haber compartido con mi padre y con migo en nuestra casa este proyecto tan pero tan bueno que ustedes estan llevando acabo... sin duda es muy inspirante, educativo y revelador. Espero que El Palmarcito se quede en sus buenas memorias!!! A Presto.

  • Luciana Dutra Thome, dia Posted on August, 14 2011

    Nossa, Le e Ryan! Demais o trabalho de vcs! As participações nos programas ficaram ótimas! Muito orgulho! Parabéns! Beijo grande!

  • Tais irmã coruja e orgulhosa Barcellos Dill, dia Posted on August, 14 2011

    Queridos, Adorei as novidades de ael Salvador e a entrevista da Band completa. Vou salvar para divulgar à alguns amigos empresários. Beijos com saudades Amo vocês Taís

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