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Campaign Success!!

Posted on December, 05 2011
Minhoca Intercontinental! Minhoca Intercontinental!

We did it! Last week our fundraising campaign finished with 104% of our goal reached! Común Tierra is coming to South America! Thank you to everyone who 'liked', shared and participated in the campaign, and especially the 70 people who donated:

Adir Fração • Alfonso Almodovar • Allan Badiner • Ana Barcellos • Ane + Cesar • Carla Federizzi • Carlos Bailon • Carolina Cor • Cristina Maldonado Dalvaci Santiago • Davi Neves • David Eisner • Diogo Jorge • Don Luckey • Donna Luckey • Ema Corleto • Faith Kull • Federico Pannunzio • Fernando Ausin-Gómez • Fernando Luís Barcellos Mallmann • Gabriella Tachini • Hyim Ross • Irio Bicca • Jane Ballem • José Pedro Paz • Julia Mombelli • Karina Lehman • Kate Leppard • Kesa Kivel • Laerte Martins • Lena Maciel Lineu Graeff • Lucas Saretta Ferrari • Luciana Thomé • Luciano Katzo • Luiz Bruno • Manya Bertram • Marcia Soares • Mariana de Luca • Marta Buchweitz • Mauricio Dill • Miriam Barcellos • Mirian Neves • Monica Passarinho • Natan Bar-Shimon • Nicole Ravin • Patricia Beche • Paul Kivel + Micki Luckey • Rachel Chodorow-Reich • Rachel Salzman Ehlers • Rafael Silva • Raquel Castedo • Regula Niederhauser • Renata Vernet • Sabrina Mazzola • SAM Luckey • Santiago Miranda • Sean Brennan • Sergio Barcellos • Seymour Carter • Simee Adhikari • Sueli Maldonado + Eduardo Maldonado • Suzanne Rubel • Tais Barcellos Dill • Tatiane Aquino • Terry Weide • Thomas Enlazador • Tracy Barnett • Yara Krugel

You are all in our hearts, and are part of our journey as we begin to travel through South America! We are so grateful for your support, and are feeling inspired and energized for what comes next!

And in case anyone wanted to contribute and wasn't able to through Catarse, we always need the support... you can still donate as usual through Our Donation Page.


We are now getting back to a slightly more normal work routine, updating the website with new contents, new projects visited, video editing and uploading, etc... these are exciting times!

Look for new contents and updates soon...

Blessings! - Leti and Ryan

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