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Llamado de la Montaña 2012: The First IberoAmerican EcoVillage Gathering!

Posted on January, 29 2012
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With our friend and co-founder of Consejo de Visiones, Alberto Ruz! With our friend and co-founder of Consejo de Visiones, Alberto Ruz!
Seed exchange! Seed exchange!
Consejo kids visit Minhoca! Consejo kids visit Minhoca!
Map of the EcoVillage and event spaces Map of the EcoVillage and event spaces
Ryan playing music during lunch one day Ryan playing music during lunch one day
Com os amigos Reni, Cali, Silvio e Beatriz outros casais nômades! Com os amigos Reni, Cali, Silvio e Beatriz outros casais nômades!

A Visionary Gathering, a Living Laboratory

From the moment we found out about the Consejo de Visiones: Llamado de la Montaña 2012 (Vision Council: Call of the Mountain 2012), we knew we would be there. Even thousands of miles away from the host of the event, Atlantida EcoVillage in the south of Colombia, we heard the call, and marked it on our calendar, a source of inspiration waiting for us in Colombia. We did everything to get there.

Of course it wasn’t easy, as the nomadic life is full of surprises and challenges… we were in Mexico at the time, and had to cross half the continent, through Central America and the Panama Canal to South America. It was months of hard work and many adventures traveling through 6 countries, visiting projects, editing materials, raising money to support the project ... with the passage of our pilgrimage to the south, the gathering became almost a mythical destination for us, always giving us direction and motivation to make it to South America.

Our Journey

When people asked us how long it took to arrive at the Llamado, the response of 15 months seemed like a joke, but it was the truest answer we could give! More than a year ago we designed our route and plans to arrive in time for the gathering. Minhoca, our beloved motorhome, has her own rhythm, and is a bit slower and more complex than a normal car, bus, etc.... We had multiple problems with both of our fuel systems (propane and gasoline), and we had to make the most difficult crossing of the trip, crossing the Panama Canal, and then cross the entire length of Colombia to get to Atlantida.

After a successful crossing into Colombia, we took a break on our way South, storing Minhoca with our dear friends Kawak and Sandalo in their beautiful ranch in Antioquia… The two then joined us on the way to the Llamado.

Sándalo, Ryan, Kawak, Minhoca and the dogs!

In early January the four of us set out towards the gathering, finally approaching the event that we had looked forward to for so long. Two more friends joined us in Cali, Katie and Blitz, who had flown down from California to travel with us for a few weeks and participate in the gathering. We headed out the 6 of us, still with severe mechanical difficulties: the engine was so weak that during the long uphill climbs on the way we couldn’t manage more than 5 miles per hour … a pedestrian walked faster than us! But finally, we reached Atlantida at midnight on January 4, exhausted and relieved.

Meeting with ENA

The first two days before the event, January 5-6, we participated in a conference of ENA, the EcoVillage Network of the Americas. ENA is a branch of GEN, the Global EcoVillage Network, and was founded in the 90's to connect projects and create a network. ENA was created in a different era of the EcoVillage movement and, recently inactive, called the meeting to take a look at the future of the organization and how to accompany the growth and transformation of the EcoVillage movements in the Americas.

Out of this meeting came the proposal to create C.A.S.A., a new organizational platform to include EcoVillages, Eco-Caravans, EcoBarrios and other Urban Sustainability projects. CASA means Consejo de Asentamientos Sustentables de las Americas, or Council of Sustainable Settlements of the Americas, and is a new organization that will work alongside ENA, amplifying relations with parallel movements, creating partnerships and helping to empower all of the eco-community projects to succeed and gain recognition as real-life solutions for the global transition we are in. The organizational process actually lasted all week, and now is in the hands of working groups who are organizing activities for the Peace Village to take place during the RIO+20 conference in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012.

Thomás Enlazador, Penélope and Jason during a brainstorm session for CASA

The team who participated in the ENA Conference


The Call of the Mountain 2012

The Call of the Mountain is a meeting of the EcoVillages in Colombia that has been happening for 5 years, and this year the proposal was to expand the annual gathering to be a Consejo de Visiones, a Vision Council, continuing a tradition that has been building for over 20 years throughout Latin America.

The event officially began January 7 and lasted through the 14, bringing together 478 people from 28 countries worldwide, a very diverse group: ecovillagers, environmentalists, indigenous groups, local communities, holistic therapists, spiritual seekers, etc... Diverse but united in seeking a just and sustainable world for all. Following the organizational structure of the Vision Council, there were 10 different Councils covering topics and cultural themes that together form the worldview and practices to build a better world. In this edition, the Councils were: Ecology, Health and Healing, Arts and Culture, Education, Youth, New Time (Council of the Noosphere), Spirituality and Traditions, Solidarity Economy, Networks and Social Movements, and the Council of Latin American Ecovillages.

A Typical Day at the Gathering

Each day began with a choice of several Energetic Awakening activities: meditation, yoga, breathing, BioDanza, and so on. Those who wanted to sleep in joined the rest for breakfast between 8-9, and then everyone went to the Plenary, where important announcements were made, and then certain leaders and elders were invited to give conferences. From the plenary, we split up into the 10 councils, each organizing their own activities and workshops. After lunch there was some free time for personal activities and a barter market, and then from 3 to 6 more workshops and activities within the Councils.

General calendar of daily schedule for the week


By late afternoon, we gathered in the great Maloka to practice Universal Dances of Peace, circular dances that incorporate sacred music from around the world. It was always a special moment to come together as a community and feel the power of our unity, singing and circling together, praying for peace in the world.


After dinner was la Noche Magica, (Magic Night) with artistic shows, open mic, and concerts in the Maloka.

Throughout the days we all shared everyday work of the Village, primarily by helping in the kitchen, cleaning and serving meals to the community. The teams were organized according to the color of a badge that each participant received upon entry to the gathering. A fundamental dynamic of these gatherings is that all participants work for the village and are a part of making it all happen.

Cooking in gigantic pots over the kitchen fire


The Ibero-American EcoVillage Gathering

The Llamado was also simultaneously the Ibero-American EcoVillage Gathering, which meant the EcoVillage Council was really active with workshops and presentations from EcoVillages throughout the Americas and Europe, and of course a lot of cross-pollination and alliance-building.

Presentation of ZEGG EcoVillage in Germany


Ulysses from Spain presenting CASA to the EcoVillage Council


Our new friend Diana Leafe Christian, EcoVillage journalist and researcher

Also, much of the vision and structure of C.A.S.A. was further discussed and developed during brainstorms and meetings within the EcoVillage Council, solidifying the validity and importance of this new organizational proposal.

Común Tierra Activities

During the gathering, we had the opportunity to share some of the learning from our 20 month long (and counting) journey through Mexico and Central America, sharing ideas and stories collected from the projects we have visited so far.

As part of the Ecology Council, we hosted a workshop on the construction of bike-machines, showing our 2 videos on the topic, and demonstrating Darlene and Burbuja, blending up a banana smoothie and even washing some clothes.

Pedal power!


At night we organized the Cinema Consejo, exhibiting some Común Tierra short films, and opening a space for other people and projects present at the gathering to exhibit their own work.


And of course, SEED EXCHANGE!

Común Tierra seed exchange and postcards during the barter market on the last day of the gathering.


Colombia has a national EcoVillage Network, called RENACE, which has been organizing the annual Llamados and coordinates other functions of the national EcoVillage movement. Among other activities, RENACE organizes an alternative currency that works throughout Colombia’s EcoVillages, called La Montaña, The Mountain, which was used during the event’s barter market. During the final day of the meeting RENACE met to discuss the network, and decide how to organize next years meeting, the Call of the Mountain 2013.

This Consejo de Visiones was very well organized and planned. With nearly 500 people, the event had tons of activities, always punctual, well communicated and well structured. The timing of meals, the plenary sessions, the activities were always on time, something not always easy in our Latino culture. The beautiful Maloka built for the event held space for the entire gathering with an energy of integration and spirituality. We know that organizing an event like this is a great challenge and a donation of time and energy, requiring a lot of work to manifest. That’s why we are so grateful to the team of organizers of RENACE and especially of the Atlantida EcoVillage who invested so much energy and infrastructure for the event, and the Atlantida EcoVillagers who offered their love and dedication to make this gathering possible. Through these examples, these labors of love, we are inspired to see it is possible to build together as a community, that we do have all the conditions to be the change we want in the world, and most importantly, we can do it with love and high-quality standards. Thank you familia!

Plenary session in the Maloka

A Living Laboratory

More than an event, the call was a real experience of connection and alliance between South, Central and North America building a world culture of peace and sustainability. We are grateful to be part of this link that is strengthening and growing each year, building and deepening relationships, sharing the stories of our cultures, as individuals, communities, villages, nations. The Llamado is a living laboratory of planetary consciousness where we are building the present and future that we dream of!

And so it was, a Vision Council, a place of relating, building, healing, communicating and forming agreements to work together. A portal in which we recognize ourselves as agents of transformation in the world.

We leave inspired, filled with purpose, and guided by a vision of a world transformed into a planetary Eco-Village, an Eco-Planet, an Eco-World. So it will be!

We write from Salento, where we are traveling in Caravan with a group of artists and friends, living as a small temporary community ... More adventures on the way!

In peace - Ryan and Leticia


For more photos visit our Facebook group here.


  • Tracy , dia Posted on February, 15 2012

    ¡Mil gracias por compartir con tanto detalle muy importante para los de nosotros que no pudieran asistir!

  • Diana Leafe Christian, dia Posted on February, 07 2012

    Thank you Leticia and Ryan for this beautifully written article- It brings back wonderful memories of the Llamado-

  • Emilce Quiñonez, dia Posted on February, 03 2012

    Hola linda gente! me encantó leer este sitio donde relatan la experiencia de algunos grupos que vienen transitando estos encuentros- Soy parte de una pequeña comunidad que está en sus inicios en Capilla del Monte- Córdoba Argentina- Nuestro blog es www-eljardindelospresentes-bligoo-com-ar Tambien tenemos un gran sueño el de la Caravana como escuela rodante de Permacultura y Arte- Espero que se conecten con nosotros y podamos compartir mucho más de cerca nuestras expereincias- Un abrazo Emilce

  • Micki, dia Posted on February, 03 2012

    Beautiful! Very inspiring! Thank you! Obrigado!

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