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Uma Exploração de Comunidades Sustentáveis na América Latina.

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A new video about Común Tierra!

Posted on May, 11 2014


First of all: Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers of the world, and especially to our mother's Regina and Micki, and to our Pachamama who is the universal mother and nurtures all of us!

We want to share with you a video-interview made by our friends of the Ecos de Origen project, explaining Común Tierra and presenting Minhoca as well! Check it out below:


Común Tierra from Ecos De Origen.

That was fun fur us, because usually we are the ones filming the other projects, so it's a change to see us on camera! Thank you Raymond Lodge and our friends with Ecos de Origen!

With Love,

Leti y Ryan

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