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Travel with us in the Común Tierra Europe Tour!

Posted on July, 07 2014

Dear friends,  

We are thrilled to announce our Tour through the sustainable communities of Europe! This time without Minhoca, just our backpacks and a tent!  

From July 1 to October 20, 2014, Leticia and Ryan will travel through 6 countries, participating in 3 International Gatherings, a Dragon Dreaming Intensive Workshop, an EcoVillage Design Education course, and an EcoVillage Incubator, as well as visiting and documenting 6-8 communities along the way, and offering workshops and Común Tierra film-screenings. You can see all of our events here.

We'll be producing some videos and educational materials that will be published and distributed for free in this new section of our website as well as in events in Latin America! And of course we'll be carrying the voice of our experience with the movement in Latin America to keep building bridges towards a regenerative planetary culture.  

It’s going to be a great experience, bringing us new learning from some pioneer communities, and many tools to share with the sustainable community movement in the world.  

How did we make this trip possible? 

An invitation from the Findhorn Foundation to the New Story Summit sponsored the travel costs to Europe for Leticia, which we are extremely grateful for as this gesture motivated us to make this trip happen! We are also organizing different trades with the projects and events we’ll be visiting, to produce materials and videos, as well as activities to share our experience in Latin America. On top of that, hosting a few events and selling products here will help to make some money, and we also received a few gifts from family members and friends for our wedding earlier this year. 

We also spent a lot of time planning everything, taking into account the financial aspects of everything, which has minimized our costs as much as possible. Even still, Europe is quite an expensive place for us, and we are still looking for part of the financial support we need to do this, and you can help us!

How can you support us? 

For donations that come in during the Europe Tour, we’ll give you a series of rewards to show our appreciation! Check the table below and make a donation HERE!

You’ll be supporting a project that works voluntarily and with untiring energy to create education, information, and weave the networks of the regenerative movement in the world.  

Muchas Gracias, Gratidão, Thank you!
Leticia and Ryan

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