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Celebrating 4 years on the road with Común Tierra!

Posted on July, 31 2014
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When we set off on this grand adventure in May 2010, we had a dream, a lot of optimism, and some good ideas. We created the Común Tierra Project, a nomadic sustainability education project, to share solutions in sustainable communities throughout Latin America, using multimedia educational materials to spread good ideas and practices.

It was a solid vision, but we had no way of knowing how it would be received, if the project would be financially viable, what our impact would be, and where the road would take us.  

It’s been 4 years full of incredible connections with activists, artists, families, children and elders, students and teachers, permaculture practitioners, EcoVillage and intentional community designers and dwellers, Indigenous people and campesinos, youth groups, and so many organizations working to build a sustainable and just world. What an inspiration!!! 

In 4 years, we’ve produced over 60 short films about sustainability, going from 0 to over 900,000 views on our YouTube channel!! Our map of sustainable community initiatives has over 100 projects featured and documented! We’ve seen the conversion of a used 20-year-old motorhome into Minhoca, a cheerful sustainability demonstration center on-the-go! We’ve also hosted numerous workshops, events, film-screenings, and local seed exchanges. 

During these 4 years we have worked to co-create CASA, a Latin America-wide sustainable community network! We’ve worked alongside bioregional and national efforts to organize the sustainability movements in Mexico, Central America and South America! And in the last year we’ve worked with GEN, the Global EcoVillage Network, to expand and grow into a more global vision.  

We participated in hugely inspiring EcoVillage/Permaculture gatherings in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile, and saw global movements come together to collaborate and build during the Rio+20 People’s Summit. Then we participated in Global gatherings in Switzerland, Germany and Kenya!  

We have crossed deserts and found oases; we have crossed the Darien gap; we have explored the biggest jungle on the planet (the Amazon), and passed up and over the snow-capped peaks of the Andes. We’ve driven through big cities like Mexico City, Bogota and Lima. We’ve camped in parks, gas stations, abandoned lots, backyards, in EcoVillages and farms, and in the central plazas of so many towns.

We’ve had leaks in the roof, mechanical troubles, technical difficulties, miscommunications, and stressful border crossings.

And through it all, through all of the challenges, the most amazing people have always appeared to lend a hand, just in our moment of need. And equally important, we’ve had the support of all of our friends and communities in California, Brasil, and throughout the world, holding us and pushing us through!

It’s been an incredible journey so far, and it’s not over yet!

Right now we are in a new adventure: a 3 month long Común Tierra Europe Tour! We’re building bridges towards global north-south connection. After that, during the next two, we’ll be back in Latin America, traveling through Patagonia, Uruguay, and Brasil. We are excited to connect to the very active and growing sustainability movements in these regions!  

So stay tuned with us as we continue to learn, teach, share, and grow in this ever-expanding adventure searching for sustainable solutions in the 21st century! 

In movement and celebration,  

With infinite gratitude, 

Ryan and Leticia


  • Davi, dia Posted on September, 01 2014

    Parabéns Comun Tierra!!

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