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The 2nd Annual Uruguayan Communities Gathering!

Posted on November, 12 2015
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Minka Minka
Presenting from the Open Space Presenting from the Open Space

Dear friends - 

Común Tierra continues en route in Uruguay with lots of activities and visiting several local projects. One of the interesting events we have participated in was the National Uruguayan Communities Gathering which took place Nov. 7 - 8 in a community called (for now) 'La 23' in the foothills of Rocha. 

This gathering had happened regularly many years ago, but was put on pause for several years, and in 2014 was picked up again. That makes 2015 the second edition, which brought together about 60 adults and many children. 

The purpose of the event was to be more internal (the invitation was not shared openly for example) to have a space for communities to share experiences and knowledge. The organization was very family-oriented, with the goal of deepening relationships amongst projects at the forefront. 


On the first day there was an open space exercise to meet around topics including: communication, communal vision, links to 'the world,' finances, nomadism, spirituality, infrastructure, etc. After discussing these topics in small groups, a report was shared with everyone to capture the essence of what was discussed. 

Circle on nomadism

Also on the first day, there was a presentation of international networks of community, where we as Común Tierra presented together with our friend Lucia Battegazzore the experiences of the CASA Network (Council of Sustainable Communities of Latin America) and  GEN (The Global Ecovillage Network). We extended an invitation towards the growing Uruguayan network to participate in these two networks. The group was very interested, and in the end decided that it would be good to further consolidate the Uruguayan network before linking to these bigger networks. 


On Sunday, the second day of the gathering, much of the day was spent working in several projects in Minka to support our host community 'La 23.' The biggest of these projects was to clear a space for a plaza, preparing a cob firepit and planting a few trees around the edges. 


Leti mixing cob

Making the central firepit

Overall we perceived a beautiful network of friendship growing between the projects who were there. And there is a clear interest in consolidating the network in Uruguay, connecting with even more projects, and then reaching out to other international networks. 

At the same time, we are able to see some other outcomes of these two gatherings: there is a working group that is investigating the legal forms to own land communally in Uruguay, as well as a mapping project to map out the known community projects in Uruguay and a few volunteers who are taking next steps in the area of communication. The 2016 Gathering will be held in Tierra Arco Iris, close to the capital city, Montevideo, April 30-May 2. Arriba!

To close the event, we shared a talking stick and spoke from the heart about the weekend. A final celebration, marketplace of goods, and we parted ways. 

Aguyjevete, Uruguay!

Saludos del corazón,
Común Tierra


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