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Común Tierra on the Radio!

Posted on April, 22 2010

We are excited to announce a partnership with the Porto Alegre area radio program Sintonia da Terra (roughly translated: Rhythm of the Land). The show is produced in partnership between the Center for Eco-journalism and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil), and explores themes related to sustainability, hosted by Danielle Sibonis and Raíssa Genro.

Beginning in May with our official departure on this journey, we will be reporting regularly to the program with updates and stories of what we learn on the trip. We are excited to have this direct correspondence, a chance to co-design content and share our work: those in the Porto Alegre area can tune in to receive regular transmissions from the road, and for those spread around the world, the show is streamed live on the web!

To start things off, Leticia Rigatti will be on the show this coming Thursday, (4/22), to explain Común Tierra, our vision, share some news about our next steps, and discuss possibilities for a more sustainable world through small-scale development and eco-village models.

Tune in! This Thursday, April 22 at 10:00 am. (yes, the show is in Portuguese. We are working on radio contacts for English and Spanish content).

On the radio in Porto Alegre: AM1080.

On the web:


Ryan and Leticia

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